Monday, October 18, 2010

My Awesome Weekend!!!

I had a pretty awesome weekend this week in Illinois! I left school early at 1:45 (I missed Tech Ed, but my AWESOME FRIEND AMANDA got me caught up again <3). Dad picked us up and when we got home Cal and my Gramme were there waiting to go. We left right away, but we had horrendous traffic so it took us about 4 hours to get there. But when we did, I had a great time with my cousins! I petted Red and Kitty (those are horses by the way)  and I even took a ride on Red, although he's extremely huge. And I got to meet Bullet the baby goat. He's so cute!
Mom's talk at the conference went well, although the video of me didn't play. They just read my testimony instead.
The ride home was a lot better than the ride there. It was only about 2 hours - no traffic at all!

I can't wait to see Morgan and Devyn and Aunt Kay and all of my other Illinois relatives again! :)

It was an interesting trip, though, because it made me wonder how many changes there would be for everyone in a year. My aunt was really excited about me getting a dog (in a year) in the car, my Gramme was talking about retiring and stuff (in a year or something like that) and, of course, there's always that interesting option of moving to Georgia, which would be taking place in about a year from now :P . Oh, and my last surgery. Almost forgot that one.

As I write this, a game of Monopoly is going on downstairs...I can't stand board games. In my world, I think they should be called BORED games, because I lose interest after about five minutes. And they're so predictable - Parker's going to win every time, it's really a no brainer. Plus Monopoly is too time consuming and frustrating. It's worse than Agrivation - but then again , Agrivation doesn't take 4 hours to play. Is it just me, or does anyone else have a low attention span for board games? lol :D

<3 Abby


  1. Monopoly update - I just went downstairs because my dad came home. Parker lands on something and buys it. Mom - "Parker lands on everything. And then I follow him around and land on everything he bought."
    See, I was right. Parker always wins.

  2. Max was winning....I guess I was wronng

  3. It was short-lived. Parker ended up winning in the end, of course!