Saturday, November 6, 2010


I haven't posted in awhile because I'm banned from my laptop and ipod due to my math grade :( I figure mom and dad won't mind this because I'm using the basement computer and my homework's done. Anyways, a lot has happened since I last posted. I'll start out with Thursday. This is really random but - our dishwasher started on fire (nothing else did, it was just smoking a ton when mom opened it) and is now broken. So we're getting a new one soon.
I also went on an AMAZING church trip with New Vision called Aquire the Fire. It was an amazing God experience and God really spoke to me about things in my life I needed to change and things I needed to stop changing. We also met this guy who was a friend of someone one of the girls in our group knew. He was forced to come and had a lot of issues with religion so we talked to him about it for awhile. And, just a little something for those who went to ATF: "FLEE!" and "Simmer, Cody, Simmer." (THE BEST COMEDIAN EVERRRR!)

And.......Another big thing coming up.........
I have started a surgery countdown in my assignment notebook. I have
16 days left. Wow.
As I explained above, some issues with math are making me out of touch. HOPEFULLY all is fixed by my surgery and if it is you can contact me by -
-my email
-my moms facebook
To be honest I'm kinda nervous, so please pray. But one good side to this....I get to wear fuzzy pj pants for the rest of the winter! Mom bought me like 5 new pair, and I've decided to list them all.
-red and velvet-fuzzy with pink polka dots
-brown and velvet-fuzzy with multicolored dachshunds on them
-super fuzzy zebra print
- white and SUPER SUPER SUPER fuzzy with blue stars on them (and slippers to go with)
-a SUPER SUPER SUPER fuzzy blue bathrobe with froggies on it!
Okay so enough with the pajama pants. One big thing I REALLY want prayer for is
1) that the surgery goes well
2) I heal fast and well
3) that it's the last one, no surgery #10

Today we had our early Christms/Thanksgiving celebration with my Aunt Kay. It was different than usual - it was at my aunt and Gramme's house, my Illinois cousins weren't there, it was a brunch instead of a lunch. But it was better than nothing (like last year because Aunt Kay went to Florida early). And guess what Aunt Kay got us...
A xbox with kinect!!!! it's the coolest thing ever!!!!
So we've been playing that for most of the day :) I still can't figure out how to work it...might take awhile lol.

<3 Abby

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