Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I know it's been like 5 minutes since my last post, but since then I was also trying to change a few things and it screwed up my entire blog! I'm trying to put the gigantic picture in the middle of the screen in the background, but it wont let me. Anyone who actually knows something about this blog designing stuff please help me :)
<3 Abby


  1. Now I'm agitated because my old post is gone! why wont it show up???? that was the meaningful one too. this is annoying meeeeee!

  2. lol whoops problem solved I feel like a loser commenting on my own posts...wow

  3. Hi Sweetie!
    God sure does have a plan. Love the new title. You should send me your picture and I think that I can make it smaller and send it back to you. Then when you upload it, it will be smaller too. Love you! Thanks for the chat tonight.
    love, mom