Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New House

Yes, you saw the title! After a long weekend in Georgia, and after our long weekend of being shipped from place to place, my parents were successful. However, I wasn't exactly impressed to say the least with their "success" when they called on Sunday night telling us that they put an offer in on a house WITHOUT ASKING US FIRST! AND IT DIDN'T HAVE MY OWN BATHROOM! So obviously, I was annoyed. And the pictures online made it look horrible. There was no remote part of me that wanted to live there, I mean the yard seemed barely suitable for a dog (which I am getting, in case I haven't mentioned that in awhile).
Well, my parents got home and they told us everything ELSE about the house. Maybe my bedroom doesn't have it's own bathroom, but on the bright side -
-I have the biggest bedroom (14ft by 14ft)
-I have a gigantic walk in closet, one of my other wishes (either 7 by 7 or 8 by 8)
-I have a door connecting to the bathroom, which although i share with my brothers it has an extra door locking the toilet and the shower, meaning I can shower while they brush their teeth!
-There's an attic/storage space connected to my closet, so that's where I can store all my crap that's still boxed after we get there lol
-AND with room to put my dresser inside of a closet, there will be PLENTY of space to put my puppy's kennel and stuff.

And the house is pretty cool too, it has thirteen foot high ceilings in the basement, and my dad has plans to build a loft like thing in the guest room. It'll be AMAZING!!!

Ah, well, that's about it. Here's a picture (my drawing) of what my room looks like and where I might put my stuff. I'm so happy now!

Also, my apologies for the cut off writing and the horrid camera - my camera's broken and I can't get a new one until my birthday. Thankfully that's in a few weeks. As for the writing on the side that's cut off, it says:
Red: furniture, possible locations
Black: rooms and permanent furniture (by that I mean sinks and bathtubs)
Thick Black: walls (and some doors, too, and the window)
Blue: labels of size

Maybe I should do one of the shnazzy pics of my room now, just to show the difference.

<3 Abby

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well, I have at last come to the conclusion that something interesting and valuble is not going to occur every day. Or really even ever week...or ever month. Which is probably why I'm so uncessesful in posting on this blog.
So I've decided to start posting about some random things to - like today! Once again, my parents are in Georgia and I'm hanging out and my Gramme's house! Last night was a youth group movie night, and we watched the movie Letters to God - which is about a little boy with cancer. And based off a true story. I pretty much cried the entire time, but it was a good movie. The funny thing is, this is the 2nd time I've seen it and I cried more than the first.
Today, my Gramme bought my cousin a frog for his fish tank. We brought him home, and turns out we were locked out of the house so the frog spent a little extra time in the car. I babysat him :) But once inside, we put him in the tank and he's SO CUTE. I added a little picture I took with my webcam camera, which is why it's not very good. But he's still cute! Hopefully he'll make friends with all the little fishies in the tank.
Now, one other thing you should know about me is that frogs are one of my FAVORITE animals. My Gramme and I used to go on websites and listen to frog noises and play frog games when I was like two. My favorite stuffed animal, the one that I COULD'NT be separated from, was of course a frog. So that's why I love them so much.
Well, those are just the random events of the day!
I'm also praying that my parents find a house, because they just wasted the last free tickets (meaning we get to do NOTHING over spring break) on going down there again. And this is all getting old, I kinda want to know where I'm going to live now.

<3 Abby

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Latest on Life

Right now I feel like writing about the move. Because mom and dad found a house and moving is the only thing anyone seems to think about these days. Especially today, because tomorrow is Saturday. That means that it's Cleaning Day, which is because on Sunday we have an open house. Which is a good and bad thing. Good because someone might buy this place (who wouldn't want to, really?) and bad because we (mostly mom besides my bedroom) will have to clean. But enough about the move.

Today I had to do a play for AP English. My group ended up picking mine, and since we had to do a social issue I did mine on rumors. Let's just say that we performed a lot better not onstage than we did onstage. For instance, there was one part where one of my friends was supposed to say "Just because it's believable doesn't make it true" she said "Just because it's true doesn't make it believable". Which is also a true statement, just not for my play. But then I messed up too. I was supposed to say "She was expelled from her old school you know." then my friend was supposed to say "for what?" and I would reply "I dunno, probably vandalism or something."
This is what happened: "She was expelled from her old school for vandalism." "For what?" "Vandalism." The girl who played Jackie (and the one who messed up with the other lines) couldn't stop laughing at it. But it was pretty fun anyways. Turns out that it was good that we went first, because the next group was so good they would've made us look like...I don't know, but really bad. I can't wait for Monday, because those should be really good too.

Well last week I joined a site that some friends in my AP English class had joined. It's called, and it's a place where people can write stories, poems, ect. and their friends can all see them. It's really neat. My Figment name is Abigail Rae, and I actually have my blog connected to it now. Because the only thing I can ever think about these days is moving, my single story (that has anything in it anyways) is about a girl who moves. I know, I know, figures.

We're a little sad today because we had put an offer on a house, but so had some other people (my dad thought they were lying, but turns out my mom was right after all) and they ended up winning because they have cash and we don't. Yet. So I guess we're back to searching for houses, which is a bummer because I liked knowing that we at least had that part done with. But we have to trust that God will help us find the right house, even if it's not the totally awesome one with the horse fences and huge yard and chicken coop and my own bathroom that had 2 sinks and a bedroom with 2 closets.
So when I pray, I'm praying that God will help us find the right house...and in record time, please! I mean, spring break is what, a month away? No, no, that's my birthday, sorry. It was exactly one month away as of yesterday.

This year I'm turning 14, and I've come to the conclusion that birthdays are going to be kind of boring until I hit 16 and can drive. I mean, I already got past the double digit birthday, my 13th, and now I have two years until my 16th, and then two years until my golden birthday 18th, which is also when I become a legal adult. That should be fun :)

Anywho, enough of this randomness. That's really all I have going on right now, although honestly it seems like a lot more when idealy you should be out of the state by the end of June. But like I said, we have to trust that God knows best.

<3 Abby