Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why I'm Glad to be Me

Today Parker had his IVIG. I hope it's going well, I haven't heard from mom or dad yet.
This morning I was alone downstairs for awhile, which isn't usual because Parker usually beats my by about 15 minutes :). When my mom came down she told me Parker was sleeping in, well, because he didn't have to get up early since he wasn't going to school. It made me wish I had JDM instead of Gastroschisis. I mean, even when you're in the hospital the doctors wake you up at 6! But then, I realized all the reasons why I'm glad to be the one with the birth defect.
1) I'm absolutely mortified of shots. Parker's disease requires one shot per week, plus you are actually AWAKE when they insert the IV for his IVIGs. For surgery, you're asleep. I'm so glad, I would abosolutely freak and scream and cry (I said I was mortified, did I not?).
2) Parker has to take a nasty medicine called prednisone every day. I took it once for a week because I had a bad cough. I am now very sympathetic for him. Although, the really nasty pain medicine I got in the hospital(which, for the record, worked just as well as tylenol) was cherry MINT. The only thing worse than cherry...
3) Parker has to wear sunscreen every day, 70 spf. Though, sadly he's tanner than me. Or at least equal. I inherited the Norweigen tanning inability from my dad, not the awesome tanning like mom. I don't like sunscreen or wearing it, because when I do I can't even ATTEMPT to tan.
4) And last but not least, my birth defect will essentially be "fixed" after this surgery. No longer will it affect me. Parker's JDM will affect him the rest of his life. He doesn't like that aspect much. I pointed it out once, and he didn't seem to like it. I wouldn't either if I were him, though.

Parker's disease, though, has proably taught me more than my own Gastroschisis. But, I'm still glad I didn't end up with it :)

<3 Abby

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