Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New House

Yes, you saw the title! After a long weekend in Georgia, and after our long weekend of being shipped from place to place, my parents were successful. However, I wasn't exactly impressed to say the least with their "success" when they called on Sunday night telling us that they put an offer in on a house WITHOUT ASKING US FIRST! AND IT DIDN'T HAVE MY OWN BATHROOM! So obviously, I was annoyed. And the pictures online made it look horrible. There was no remote part of me that wanted to live there, I mean the yard seemed barely suitable for a dog (which I am getting, in case I haven't mentioned that in awhile).
Well, my parents got home and they told us everything ELSE about the house. Maybe my bedroom doesn't have it's own bathroom, but on the bright side -
-I have the biggest bedroom (14ft by 14ft)
-I have a gigantic walk in closet, one of my other wishes (either 7 by 7 or 8 by 8)
-I have a door connecting to the bathroom, which although i share with my brothers it has an extra door locking the toilet and the shower, meaning I can shower while they brush their teeth!
-There's an attic/storage space connected to my closet, so that's where I can store all my crap that's still boxed after we get there lol
-AND with room to put my dresser inside of a closet, there will be PLENTY of space to put my puppy's kennel and stuff.

And the house is pretty cool too, it has thirteen foot high ceilings in the basement, and my dad has plans to build a loft like thing in the guest room. It'll be AMAZING!!!

Ah, well, that's about it. Here's a picture (my drawing) of what my room looks like and where I might put my stuff. I'm so happy now!

Also, my apologies for the cut off writing and the horrid camera - my camera's broken and I can't get a new one until my birthday. Thankfully that's in a few weeks. As for the writing on the side that's cut off, it says:
Red: furniture, possible locations
Black: rooms and permanent furniture (by that I mean sinks and bathtubs)
Thick Black: walls (and some doors, too, and the window)
Blue: labels of size

Maybe I should do one of the shnazzy pics of my room now, just to show the difference.

<3 Abby

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